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National Honor Society

This is a society for rising juniors and seniors. Students who have achieved a high level of success in their academic areas become eligible to apply for the program. After students are accepted they are inducted into this prestigious, nationally recognized group. There are numerous scholarships students also become eligible for once inducted. This is an honor to be recognized and celebrated! Qualifications can be found on ACIT´s website.

All NTHS & NHS meetings will be held together. Students eligible for NTHS & NHS will have community service hours due in the fall of each school year and then again by the last day of school.



  • GPA must be 3.85 or higher in both their academy classes and their academic classes.

  • Student must complete 20 hours of community service between June and October of each school year.

  • Students will have to complete community service requirements during the application process and after they are accepted. Community Service requirements must be met in order to remain active.

If you are interested or have questions, reach out to Mrs. Pepper through your school email.

Meetings: Select Thursdays in room 1173