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Multicultural Club


The purpose of this club is to explore and promote an increased understanding and awareness of the various cultures of the world among students at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology. Members of the club will further their knowledge of the global community and foster appreciation of different cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups, languages and so on.  The Multicultural Club plays a vital role in bringing students together through friendly, celebratory, and educative events and activities. Fostering the importance of intercultural communication to create a stronger community, students celebrate their differences while appreciating their similarities. Students involved in the Multicultural Club work together to improve cultural awareness by working on social events that allow them to enhance their own knowledge about diversity. By doing so, they also enhance their knowledge of these cultures through personal exploration and research. The club sows a seed of intercultural identity in the student body, which they reap in their professional life.



Meetings: Thursdays in room 1203