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Admissions Assessment FAQs


Where is the ADMISSIONS PLACEMENT TEST taking place?
Students will take the assessment at ACIT during their scheduled time.
How long does the ADMISSIONS PLACEMENT TEST take?
The test consists of one 30-45 minute Math test and one 30-45 minute ELA test. The Math assessment is approximately 15 questions and the English Language Arts is 14 questions. Students will have a two hour window to complete the test which will be scheduled through ACIT.
How do I register for the ADMISSIONS PLACEMENT TEST?
A date and time will be assigned to you and communicated via email.
The ADMISSIONS PLACEMENT TEST consists of Mathematics and English Language Arts, and is aligned to the NJ Student Learning Standards. Multiple choice-type questions are used throughout the exam.
Are there sample questions to review prior to the test?
Yes, two sample questions for both Mathematics and English are available here.
If a student does not score well on the placement will it hurt their chances of being accepted to ACIT?
The criteria for admissions into ACIT is based on a rubric score which encompasses 6th, 7th and 8th grade attendance, report card grades, and previous standardized testing information (if available). The ADMISSIONS PLACEMENT TEST is just one piece under consideration; however, specific ACIT career and technical education programs do demand a higher academic rigor. As such, the placement test will help assist in placing students in the appropriate CTE program.
What if my student receives testing Accommodations?
If the applicant receives testing accommodations as part of an IEP or 504 Plan, please email a copy of the IEP / 504 documentation indicating the accommodations needed for testing to Kelly Hoey at [email protected] for consideration. Failure to submit this documentation will result in the applicant not receiving accommodations for the Admissions Assessment. Please be aware that submission of accommodations may result in a change to your initially scheduled assessment date. You will be notified of your rescheduled placement test date and time.

Does ACIT endorse test prep companies?


ACIT does not endorse, nor does it have an affiliation with any company soliciting students to take a review   class or practice test to prepare for the ACIT placement test.