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Athletic Team Rules

  • All athletes are subject to the NJSIAA and Cape/Atlantic Rules and Regulations.
  • Every student MUST have a physical before practicing by their own physician and then approved by ACIT.
  • A Suspended or In-School Suspension athlete may not PRACTICE nor participate in ATHLETIC CONTESTS.
  • An athlete absent from school may not practice or compete in athletic contests UNLESS he/she is previously excused by the school administration. Athletes are required to be in school for four hours to be eligible to participate.
  • All injuries must be reported to the coach, Athletic Director, and school nurse.
  • An injured athlete, who is excused from participation by a doctor, may not reenter the sport unless he/she presents a doctor’s release to the school nurse and coach.
  • Practice is vitally important in all athletics so participants are expected to be there. Chronic violators will be dropped from the team.
  • Equipment issued to the athlete MUST be returned to the school. Lost articles/uniforms must be paid for by the athlete.
  • Athletes in training must maintain a high level of fitness, so the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol is prohibited. Any athlete who attends a practice/game under the influence will be dismissed from the team. If an athlete is caught smoking or under influence at school, he/she will be disciplined by the school administration.
  • All students must meet the NJSIAA  & ACIT academic requirements to be eligible to participate.
  • Athletics is a privilege. Athletes are expected to obey school and program rules, exhibit good sportsmanship, and present a positive image of the Atlantic County Institute Technology.