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Sports Participation

“New” Digital Sports Participation Packet

The ACIT Sports Participation Packet, including the  sports physical, is to be completed by the parent and the student-athlete prior to the sports season.  


Completion will require that you:

  1. Go to  to register your student for their sports and to complete the Digital Sports Participation Packet.

  2. Only one sports participation packet is required per school year, indicating all the sports of interest.  

  3. You will need to download the Sports Physical portion to take to the student athlete’s physician.  The doctors office staff will need to complete the information required in these documents. Doctor must be an MD, DO, Nurse practitioner, or Physician's Assistant.  No chiropractors or other medical professionals.

  4. You will need to download and submit a completed Health History Questionnaire (HHQ). The HHQ expires 90 days after its initial receipt.  The state requires a valid HHQ prior to the start of any sport participation.  As an example: a three sport athlete may need to submit 3 HHQ’s, in one school year, one for each season.

  5. Physical exams are typically valid for one year from date of exam, the sports physical may need to be updated sometime during the year, the nurse will accept and approve these as they are received.  

  6. Physical exam and HHQ paperwork can be turned in to the main office  or to the nurses in both the south wing and the main building.


Please go to  to register your student for any sport and to complete the Digital Sports Participation Packet.


Parent training support



The complete list of substances banned by the NJSIAA is available online at:

Athletes can submit an inquiry to assess supplements to avoid unknowingly consuming banned substances at the following website:

  • Confidential supplement inquiries
  • Medication database
  • Drug Program Information
  • Health & Wellness Resources

Enter "njsiaa" as organization from drop down list and "njsports" as the password.

After an inquiry is submitted, a response is typically provided within 48 business hours.

Two new features available via the online portal are the Dietary Supplement Inquiry function and the availability of nutritional information. Both of these resources are prepared by sports nutrition experts.