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Roles and Responsibilities


School Counselors

  • Assist students in postsecondary planning (college, military, workforce, career).
  • Provide short-term social and emotional counseling.
  • Advises and counsels students regarding academic planning and goal setting.
  • Collaborate with school staff and community resources.
  • Analyze student data to identify student issues, needs and challenges. 
  • Make referrals to long-term supports.
  • Mediate conflict between students and teachers.

College and Career Counselor (Victoria Ragone)

  • Prepare career education and instructional materials for use by teachers and students.
  • Assist students with post-secondary planning. 
  • Support students, staff and parents in using Naviance. 
  • Prepare and present grade appropriate guidance lessons.
  • Plan, organize, develop and implement college, military,  career events and publications.
  • Schedule visitations by representatives from local colleges.

Crisis Counselor/SAC (Nakia Davis-Bell)

  • Provide crisis intervention.
  • Develop intervention strategies to increase academic success. 
  • Assist with conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Assist parents in accessing and utilizing school and community resources. 
  • Assess students with mental health concerns.
  • Provide counseling services to students regarding substance abuse and other behavioral or mental health issues. 
  • Conduct group counseling with students. 

HAWK Center (Diana Staino)

Help in
Wellness &
Keeping students on track

  • Freshman Mentorship
  • Character Education Program
  • I&RS and small group session s for academic/motivational supports
  • Naviance Curriculum
  • Developing Wellness programs based on requests for referrals/needed supports
  • Monthly newsletter to keep parents informed
  • Reach out to outside agencies for supports
Nakia Davis-Bell
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1137
SAC/Social Worker
Amelia Dennis
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1142
Guidance Counselor
 Angelita Diaz
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1146
Guidance Counselor
Marianne Giercyk
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1145
Guidance Counselor
Erin Higman
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1147
Supervisor of Guidance
Taylor Mason
(609) 625-2249 ex: 3360
Guidance Counselor
Terrence Mooney
(609) 625-2249 ex: 3359
Guidance Counselor
Alyssa Keen
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1143
Guidance Counselor
Victoria Ragone
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1251
College & Career Counselor
Diana Staino
(609) 625-2249 ex: 3361
SEL Counselor
Brett Uhing
(609) 625-2249 ex: 1144
Guidance Counselor