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Attendance Policy At a Glance

Regular attendance is critical to all students’ successful academic and career preparation. We are committed to preparing students for higher education and/or entry level employment, which requires learning academic and career-specific skills, knowledge and attitudes along with academic concepts and technical applications. Students CANNOT learn all they need to know unless they are in school on a daily basis. Our attendance policy reflects this philosophy in that zero days of unexcused absence are allowed. In fact, the District cannot recognize student absences from school for any reason not specified in New Jersey Statutes, Title 18A: 38-26.


I. Excused Absences (non-truant)

The only legal (excused) reasons for a student to be absent from school are listed below. All other absences constitute unexcused, such as absences that occur because of family responsibilities, an illness not requiring a doctor, or vacations.

1. Personal illness with proper medical verification. This will be verified.

2. Death in the immediate family - 1 day. (Immediate family is defined as a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, or other relative residing in the immediate household.)

3. Religious holiday as specified by the New Jersey State Department of Education. (Religious retreats are not excused).

4. School administrative requirement or school sponsored activity with written documentation.

5. Court appearance where the student is summoned to appear as a witness (with a copy of summons).

6. Take your child to work day.

7. A college visit (up to 3 days per school year, only for students in grades 11 and 12)


Parents will be notified by the Attendance Coordinator through a written letter for 5 Periods Absent for the semester/year and 9 Periods Absent for the semester/year.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information and for student absences of 10 or more periods per course.