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Mock Trial

ACIT’s Mock Trial team competes against other high schools to re-create a designated court case, taking on the roles of lawyers, witnesses, and jury members. Every school is given the same case, either civil or criminal, and students must read provided information extensively and plan arguments on both sides of the given case with the help of a working lawyer from the local community. Student lawyers craft and deliver opening and closing statements, work closely with their team and cross-examine witnesses. Witnesses must take on their specific role, becoming their character as they testify before the court and respond to questions from lawyers on both sides. Jurors are responsible for listening carefully to the case and evidence presented and meeting with jury members from other schools to come to a consensus. The competition, beginning in January, is run according to real-life court procedures and takes place in courtrooms across Atlantic County. Mock Trial meets weekly in September and begins meeting twice a week in October, increasing meeting time as we move closer to the competition. If you are interested in joining, reach out to Mr. Staino through your school email.

Meetings: Mondays in room 1179.  *Meetings will increase during competitions.  The Mock Trial google classroom code is: xnhap4h 

  Gabriel Staino (609) 625-2249 ex: 8606 Teacher
Photo of Gabe Staino
Gabe Staino