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Atlantic County Institute of Technology

The Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) is a public high school dedicated to providing each student the opportunity to reach his or her potential as a productive and successful member of the community. This is accomplished by offering students an innovative curriculum, which combines academic instruction, career technical education, internships, and structured work experiences designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and workplace skills.

Graduates of ACIT programs are well prepared to pursue advanced education at the college level. And, if they so choose, they have an edge in seeking employment in today’s competitive job market.


  • The students have the ability to learn and are given every available opportunity to succeed in school and work.
  • All students are taught to understand and respect cultural, religious, ethnic, gender, and personal differences.
  • The school provides a safe and caring environment built upon mutual respect and positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Instruction is integrated and applied with high standards and expectations through the combined efforts of career technical instructors, academic instructors, and support staff.
  • We believe that meaningful community involvement and business partnerships are essential to the development of a quality school.
  • Academy and career education provide students with unique opportunities and experiences to be successful at the post-secondary level and in the workplace.
  • We feel strongly that parents and guardians should support learning as a high priority and positively reinforce their children's efforts.
  • It is imperative that maintaining a quality school is essential to satisfying the changing needs and interests of our county.


Please explore our website, which provides information about outstanding ACIT academic and career programs, as well as other items of interest. We hope you will consider us the best option for your education and career advancement.

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