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This guide consists of a brief description for each course necessary for the completion of each program of study.

Students will meet with their counselor to discuss perspective courses for each year to discuss elective possibilities, online courses, and eligibility for Dual and/or Concurrent enrollment opportunities.

The course requirements and elective selections will help each student enjoy a successful and fruitful high school career. The student effort will determine how well they are prepared for college entrance or the workplace. The pattern of studies will contribute to their day-by-day personal growth. The following are steps students should take to enhance their high school education:

  1. Establish personal goals. Even through they may be revised, students should have some specific educational, career, and personal goals toward which they are working.
  2. Honestly evaluate personal strengths, interests, aptitudes, and needs.
  3. Learn the requirements for post secondary education whether it is college or career focused learning.
  4. Explore all opportunities offered in your career field and its requirements.
  5. During the eleventh grade, visit institutions of higher learning, or career resources.
  6. Consult parents/guardians, teachers, guidance counselors, business and industry representatives to benefit from the wealth of experiences and knowledge they may share.
  7. Select electives that will help students to become well-rounded graduates.

The years spent in high school are not only important educationally, but are significant as years of maturation and socialization; years in which students will learn to problem solve and think critically before making decisions. Working together, the Atlantic County Institute of Technology administration and staff, the students with their parents/guardians, and advisors from business, industry, and higher education, the graduates of the Atlantic County Institute of Technology should be well prepared to take on the challenges of the adult world.

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