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Student Driver Policy

Atlantic County Alternative High School

Driving to school is a privilege. Students can earn the privilege of driving to school insofar that he/she meets the following qualifications:

  1. Attends school regularly
  2. Earns passing grades in all courses being taken
  3. Demonstrates appropriate behavior

The Board of Education requires that all cars driven by students and parked on the school grounds be covered by public liability and property damage insurance. Satisfactory proof of insurance and ownership must be presented to the administration along with a $10.00 fee to purchase a valid parking tag/decal.


Only students with a verified New Jersey registration and driver’s license may purchase a parking hangtag.

The following rules apply to the student parking privilege:

  1. The vehicle must be parked in the furthest parking row/spaces from the entrance of the Alternative High School.
  2. The driver is not to exceed the 10-mile per hour speed limit.
  3. The proper entrance and exit driveways must be used.
  4. Violations of school rules on punctuality, visiting cars during school hours without permission, leaving school without permission or violation of parking regulations, will result in suspension and withdrawal of the parking privilege.
  5. Driving on school grounds and parking without authorization will result in two days out-of-school suspension.
  6. The parking lot is OUT OF BOUNDS during the school day. NO student is to visit or loiter in the parking lot.
  7. Any high school student driver who transports other high school student(s) to and/or from ACIT must register these students on passenger permission forms located in the ACAHS main office. Failure to do so will result in both the student driver and passenger(s) being suspended out of school for two days.



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