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Atlantic County Alternative High School

The Atlantic County Alternative High School offers valuable online teaching tools as well, to assist and encourage students in their studies and provide them with study resources that they can tap into from home or while they are not on campus.


NovaNET ®


Challenging and engaging all students are necessities for schools these days. With such a wide variety of abilities and learning styles, this can be extremely difficult to accomplish. What if one online learning solution would work for many types of students in a variety of environments? Such a solution exists – it’s called NovaNET®.

Designed for grades 6-12, NovaNET is a comprehensive, online courseware system that meets countless needs. From delivering thousands of hours of research and standards-based, interactive curriculum, to integrated assessment and student management, NovaNET is an all-inclusive system that delivers a return on investment quickly.




WriteToLearn is a complete online tool for building writing skills and developing reading comprehension. Using WriteToLearn, students develop a skill that good readers naturally possess - the ability to summarize what they read. They practice essay writing and summarizing and build both writing and reading comprehension skills across the curriculum.


WriteToLearn offers students:

  • Immediate easy-to-understand feedback and suggestions on how to improve essays and summaries.
  • Visually appealing reporting for staying on track with assignments and monitoring their own progress.


WriteToLearn allows teachers to:

  • Adjust scoring to meet the learning goals of a class.
  • View classes, performance and progress on a single screen and drill down to individual student results or see entire student portfolios.

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