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Health Occupations

Atlantic County Vocational School District


This course covers the use of multi-sample needles, butterflies, and syringes. In addition, specimen collection, federal safety regulations, and medical ethics will be discussed and preparation for the ASCP Certification test. Certification fee not included in class price.

Please note in order to be a certified phlebotomist you must complete your externship at a full service laboratory for documented 100 venipunctures and 25 skin punctures.

Prerequisites: 30 hours of clinical experience in medical area and medical terminology.

Tuesdays 6:00pm-10:00pm 12 weeks/48 hours



Medical Office Procedures

This course introduces the administrative aspects of the medical office. Students will become acquainted with professional communications, both verbal and nonverbal, ethical and legal responsibilities, record management, HIPPA laws, completing job applications, learning vital signs, like blood pressures, pulse, and respiration. Students will be working with electronic medical records.

Wednesdays 6:00pm-10:00pm 15 weeks/60 hours



Medical Terminology

This course offers a basic introduction to the healthcare industry. Medicine is a language of its own and knowing medical terminology is the foundation of practicing any healthcare-related career. The course includes terms, word structure, analysis, abbreviations, and symbols. All medical billing is done using specific medical terms for diagnoses, procedures, etc. Every illness, disease, surgical procedure, injury etc. has a medical term. This is your first step into the medical field. Medical Terminology is a prerequisite for ICD10-CPT and medical billing.

Tuesdays 6:00pm-10:00pm 15 weeks/60 hours



Introduction to Medical Assisting

This introductory course gives Medical Assistant students an overview of the medical assisting profession, medical terminology, interpersonal skills, study techniques and basic clinical skills.

Wednesdays 6:00pm-9:30pm 11 weeks

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