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Chromebook Warranty

Atlantic County Vocational School District

cdwg 0Each chromebook provided by the district comes with a 3 year accidental protection plan. This coverage does NOT include coverage for the following:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Intentional Damage

In the event a school issued device is lost, stolen, or intentional damaged the student and parents are responsible for the full replacement value of the unit.


The district has partnered with CDWG to provide additional warranty coverage that Parents can choose to purchase cover against loss and theft.

  • 1 Year - $31.00 
  • 2 Year - $61.00
  • 3 Year - $89.99

Supplemental/Additional Warranty Coverage (unlimited incidents) includes:

  • ‐Accidental Damage –includes drops/cracked screens/liquid spills
  • ‐Liquid Submersion
  • ‐Theft
  • ‐Fire/Flood Damage
  • ‐Vandalism
  • ‐Natural Disasters
  • ‐Power Surge Due to Lightning

If you would like to purchase the extended loss-protection warranty from CDW please complete for form below and a representative will contact you to complete the transaction.

Please ensure you have the following information available before attempting to complete the form.

  • Serial Number of the One-to-One Device
  • Asset Tag of the One-to-One Device

The asset tag and serial number are located on the bottom of the actual device. Learnmore about locating the Serial Number and Asset Tag here.

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