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Fair Opportunity Project

Atlantic County Vocational School District

The Fair Opportunity Project’s College Application Guide is a free resource being sent to every public school in the US. Written by students from the nation’s top universities, this college application guide is being freely sent to every American public school to give students the opportunity to succeed.


We believe that all students should have free access to the best college application and financial aid information, regardless of background.

To be clear, this is an independent project and no one is making money from it. We just believe students’ ability to pay for outside resources shouldn’t influence the quality or amount of college application information they receive.

We wrote the guide with 20+ students from the nation’s top colleges, 7 advisors, and 200 high school counselors from across the nation to get students the necessary information for application success. It has also been unofficially reviewed and praised by some of the nation’s leading college admissions committees.

Please share the guide – accessed at fairopportunityproject.com – with the students in your community that would benefit most from the information. We’ve also attached the PDF.

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Free Resource for Applying to and Paying for College!
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