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Chromebook Agreement

Students will use the ACIT Chromebook for educational purposes.

All ACIT Chromebooks must be used in support of the educational program of ACIT. This access may be revoked at any time for abusive or inappropriate conduct related to the use of the Chromebook. Failure to comply with the ACIT policies or the guidelines stated in this document for care and use of the Chromebook may result in the loss of privilege to take the Chromebook home or use of the Chromebook in general. Attempting to bypass the filter at school/home or using the Chromebook for non-educational purposes while at school is prohibited. At home, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to ensure that the Chromebooks are being used in accordance with this policy.


Students will bring the Chromebook to school every day.

The ACIT Chromebooks are being provided to enhance the educational experience at ACIT. If a student forgets the ACIT Chromebook, he/she will be affected to participate fully in that day’s activities in the classroom. All work assigned and completed on the Chromebook is the responsibility of the student.   Teachers may request a loaner device with the IT Department for a student needing to complete a test or quiz.  There is no guarantee of availability; loaner Chromebooks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Students should not leave the Chromebook in their lockers OVERNIGHT and agree to bring the Chromebook back and forth between school and home on a daily basis.

The school does not have the space to store and charge all of the Chromebooks each night. Furthermore, there may be people using the facility after school hours and the Chromebooks cannot be guaranteed secure at ACIT each night.


Students will not leave the Chromebook unattended.

When not in the student’s possession, the Chromebook should be in a secure, locked environment. Unattended Chromebooks found at school will be collected and stored in the school’s office. Do not lend your Chromebook to another person. Each Chromebook is assigned to an individual and the responsibility for the care of the Chromebook rests solely with that individual.


Students will charge the Chromebook nightly and will begin each day with a fully charged battery.

The ACIT Chromebook needs to be fully charged for each day as there will be NO capability for students to charge it during the school day due to space and electrical constraints. Students should be careful when plugging in the power cord. The Chromebook should be charged in a location which is both secure and safe so no damage will be accidentally done to the Chromebook when it is charging.   Students may request a same day loaner device with the IT Department, if their Chromebook is not charged.  Be advised, loaner Chromebooks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students should never bring their charger to school.  Chromebook battery life should last 8-10 hrs.  ACIT is not responsible for any lost or stolen chargers brought to school.


Students should not slam or push on the lid, or set objects/books on top of the Chromebook.

Screen damage is the #1 cause of damage for Chromebooks. The Chromebook is an electronic device; handle it with care. Never throw a book bag that contains a Chromebook. Never place a Chromebook in a book bag that contains food, liquids, heavy, or sharp objects. Avoid using any sharp object on the Chromebook. The Chromebook screen is glass and is vulnerable to cracking. Never place heavy objects on top of the Chromebook and never drop your Chromebook. Careful placement in your backpack is important. The Chromebook can be cleaned with a soft, slightly water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Avoid applying liquids to the Chromebook. Avoid getting moisture in the openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the Chromebook.


Students will only use the ACIT Chromebook when in a location which is free from food, liquid, and debris that could damage the device and which provides a flat surface on which to operate.

Students should not use the ACIT Chromebook in an area where food and drink are present. Spilling any sort of food or drink on the Chromebook could permanently damage it. The Chromebook should only be used on a flat surface where it will not fall to the ground or damage the screen. Pets and siblings can also damage the Chromebook. Care should be taken to always have the Chromebook in an environment where it can be operated safely. Chromebooks should not be placed on top of soft items like pillows or blankets which could cause the Chromebook to overheat.


Students must abide by parental/guardian guidelines when traveling with or using the ACIT Chromebook at locations other than ACIT.

We are relying on parents/guardians to be the best judges of where and how their child may use the ACIT Chromebook. It is the parents who bear the financial responsibility for any damage or loss of the Chromebook in excess of the insurance policy obtained by the district.


Students will keep the Chromebook secure and safe when carrying or transporting.

Carefully transport your Chromebook to school every day.  Avoid placing weight on the Chromebook. Never throw or slide a Chromebook. Never expose a Chromebook to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight. Please do not store a Chromebook in a vehicle.


Students will not attempt to repair, alter, or make additions to the ACIT Chromebook.

If any repairs need to be made, the student should return the ACIT Chromebook to a designated location within their school. Depending on the condition of the Chromebook and the repair needed, there may be a loaner Chromebook given until the assigned Chromebook is repaired. No attempts should be made to fix the Chromebook except as supervised by an ACIT staff member. Unauthorized repairs to the Chromebook can invalidate its warranty.


Students will not deface or otherwise decorate the ACIT Chromebook.

Students are expected to treat the ACIT Chromebooks with care and respect. The Chromebooks are the property of ACIT and are not to be defaced by any student. This includes pen marks, stickers, marring the surface, picking at the keys, glitter, etc…


Students will report all problems and damage immediately to an ACIT staff member. Students will not attempt to remove asset or identification names on the Chromebook. Students will report loss/theft of the ACIT Chromebook to their parents/guardians, ACIT Administration, and proper authorities within 24 hours.

Each Chromebook has a unique identification number and at no time should the numbers or labels be modified or removed. Do not attempt to gain access to the internal electronics or repair your Chromebook. If the Chromebook is damaged, lost, or stolen report the problem to the ACIT IT Department as soon as possible. Chromebook repair/replacement options will be determined by the School Administration. You may be issued a temporary Chromebook until the assigned device is repaired or replaced. If the Chromebook is experiencing technical difficulties outside of school hours, you will need to wait until you return to school to bring the device to the ACVSD IT Department.

Each Chromebook is covered by an extended warranty protecting against manufacturer defect only. The warranty protects the device from defective components and battery related issues. Power Adapters are not covered by the extended warranty. Accidental damage such as damage resulting from a drop, cracked screens, or liquid damage is not covered under the extended warranty and may be subject to repair costs. Once the device is brought in for service coverage can be determined as well as estimated cost for replacements parts. There is no charge for labor or diagnosis of the device, only for the replacement of the part for repairs not covered by the manufacturer warranty. All parts must be autorized by the manufacturer and meet or exceed OEM quality standards, no 3rd party parts are permitted (this includes chargers). Costs for replacement parts are subject to change and will be quoted at the time of the repair.

If the Chromebook is damaged, lost, or stolen, the student/borrower and/or parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost of the repair and/or replacement value as of the date of loss ($300).


Students, Parents and Guardians understand the process of all lost or stolen District-Owned and Supplied Devices.

When a device is reported stolen to the district, the district will in turn take the necessary steps to attempt to locate and recover the device.


The student will use the Chromebook Camera & Microphone for approved use only.

The Chromebook comes equipped with audio and video recording capabilities through a built-in microphone and camera. All electronic recordings created with the device must comply with school policies and State and Federal laws. Users of the Chromebook device are required to use the device in a manner that complies with these and other ACIT policies. Use of the Chromebook in a manner that violates ACIT policy may result in revocation of the device and may result in further disciplinary consequence. Use of the Chromebook and any other devices with audio and video recording capabilities during instructional time is at the discretion of the teacher and the student must obtain prior approval to use the device for such purposes. Any electronic recordings obtained with the recording device are for instructional and educational purposes. Therefore, electronic recordings obtained with the Chromebook may not be shared, published or rebroadcasted for any reason by the student without permission. Furthermore, users of the Chromebook should be aware that State and Federal laws in many instances prohibit secret or surreptitious recording undertaken without the knowledge and consent of the person or persons being recorded. Violations of State and Federal recording laws may be reported to the proper authorities and may result in criminal prosecution.


Students will use appropriate and respectful language in all communications, and will abide by all ACIT school policies while using the Chromebook, both at school and at home.

Any behavior, materials, or communications involving the Chromebook that are deemed inappropriate by an ACIT staff member may result in disciplinary action regardless of whether they took place or were received at school or away from school.  Students are not to engage in online communications with anyone, unless authorized to do so by a ACIT staff member specifically with instructional purposes.


Students will abide by all copyright laws.

Please check with a teacher if you have any questions about using copyrighted material or how to give credit for use of any copyrighted material. Copyrighted material is protected by law. Any use of copyrighted material should be appropriately noted in any school work.


Students will make the ACIT Chromebook available for inspection by an administrator, teacher, or staff member upon request. Students understand that the ACIT Chromebook and its contents can be monitored by ACIT staff.

The Chromebook is the property of the Atlantic County Institute of Technology and as a result may be seized and reviewed at any time. The student should have NO expectation of privacy of materials found on a Chromebook. The ACIT Chromebooks are the property of ACIT and are being loaned to the students for educational purposes. At any time, an ACIT staff member can inspect a student’s Chromebook. Students will return the Chromebook to ACIT prior to withdrawing.


Students will not use or harm another student’s Chromebook. Students will not loan the ACIT Chromebook assigned to them to others. Students will not use or attempt to use another student’s or an ACIT staff member’s subscriptions, logins, files, or personal information.

The ACIT Chromebook is assigned to one student for educational purposes and should not be loaned to others. Passwords and logins should also remain confidential with the individual students. Any material on the ACIT Chromebook obtained with their login or password is the responsibility of the student.  


Students will not give out personal information, such as name, address, photo, or other identifying information on the Internet, nor will students misidentify themselves during online communication in an attempt to avoid detection for any misbehavior or rules violation.

Giving out personal information on the Internet can be dangerous. Students should never misidentify themselves or reveal their age on the ACIT Chromebooks. Students should not share files except for school related projects or assignments.


Students will not change the configuration of the ACIT Chromebook, including the network and security settings.

Policy settings are preconfigured on all ACIT Chromebooks and are managed by the ACIT Administration. Any attempt to bypass these preconfigured settings is prohibited. Students will log into the ACIT Chromebook ONLY with their school assigned Google Apps for Education user account. Students may not log into the ACIT Chromebook using a non- ACIT assigned account.


Students understand that the storage is not a guaranteed to be private or confidential.

Students should not expect privacy in regards to their assigned district-owned and supplied electronic device.  An individual search may be conducted if there is reasonable suspicion that the student has violated this policy or the law.  The investigation will be reasonable and related to the suspected violation.


Procedure for restoring the Chromebook will restore the device to the state in which the user originally received it at factory default.

Students are encouraged to sync all important files to Google Drive.  Files that at not synced or are stored in an external memory, are subjected to be lost upon restoring device.