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Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning Program plays an integral part in the RedHawk athletic department’s philosophy of the continual development of our athletes.  The program has two main goals, injury prevention and performance enhancement.  The programs used by the student-athletes were developed by Athletic Director, Dr. Robert Wagner C.S.C.S., in conjunction with the individual sport coaches.  This collaborative effort provides and meets the needs for the student-athletes in each sport.  New and freshman athletes are introduced to the basics of training and are instructed in the following areas;  warm up, strength training, Sprint and Agility Training, Endurance and Flexibility Training.  The first step in this education is to teach the student-athlete the proper techniques of a dynamic warm up program including, ground based, stationary and dynamic drills.  In strength training, student-athletes are introduced to the basics of free weight training and the introduction of more technical lifts continues through the student-athletes’ careers.  Student-athletes are also instructed in proper flexibility training to help promote more rapid regeneration after workouts. Programs are designed specifically for each individual athlete by using a volume/percentage based approach. 

In addition to strength training, the student-athlete is also expected to participate in speed, agility and conditioning (SAC) training.  These programs are also a collaborative effort, again focusing on the needs of the various teams in terms of the specificity of speed and agility required as well as the metabolic demands of the sport.  Student-athletes are instructed on the proper mechanics of sprinting including starts, acceleration and top end speed.  They are also instructed on how to change direction both laterally and linearly.  Specific plyometric drills are also be included to enhance the student-athletes’ speed and agility.  Student-athletes will also perform specific conditioning routines based on the sports and the metabolic demands it places on its participants.  By utilizing these programs the student athletes at ACIT will be better protected and prepared for their upcoming sports season.